Hard to see GeoJSON in JOSM

On a tangential, so happened to be getting a zipped geojson file with a farmland multipolygon showing that inner areas which are side touching with other inner areas are somehow dropped/ignored e.g. for the purpose of identifying buildings on farmland. First time loading such a file this morning, find the lines very hard to see, looked for a Map style to light them up but found none, so went about what I do when drawing long lines such as around a forest, do a select all on the geojson layer and tagged them temporarily as hedge…

The before

The after

Moved the posting from @SekeRob to a new thread as completely off topic and suitable to immediately derail the original thread.

Oh? I didn’t think it was off-topic, I thought it was trying to tell me a workaround to be able to see loaded data better, by temporarily tagging it as something which shows up better.

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