Handrail on footway


I have here an ascending footway from 1,8 m width between two high walls.
In the middle (!) is a handrail.
I think for two reasons:

  • help persons to climb;
  • prevent bikers to take the footway.

Is there a possibility to tag such a handrail?

Thanks for your help and experience.

The is a handrail-tag that is typically used in combination with highway=stairs. I guess you can use it in the case you describe.

I wonder whether you should map the width as 1.8 or 2x0.9 somehow. Suppose I have a stroller or so of 1 m…

Hi escada,

the problem is, that there are no stairs.
In other cases, I make a second line on the siwe of the footway.
But in the middle…

In my opinion, making two footways of 0.9 m (or 1) and then a line between seems to be on “overtagging”…
I would add an image to show how it is, but it’s impossible hier (i think).

From the Wiki: The handrail key and its variants describe the presence of handrails on steps and paths
You can use handrail:center=yes

You can also use incline to show the direction of the slope

Or you can add TWO footways, and have a barrier = handrail als a line in between:

Sorry for the late answer.
Thank you for your help and examples.

I beg your pardon for this question. Next time I look more precisely in the documentation before posting questions where the answers can be found easily…