Hamaynks and taratsashrjans of Armenia

I would like to inform you that there are no regions/taratsashrjans (տարածաշրջան) in the Republic of Armenia. Instead of them, the 2nd level administrative units of Armenia are the communities/hamaynq (համայնք). There are 71 of them. Please change regions to communities. The list of communities can be seen on the website of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure. Link: ՀՀ ՏԿԵՆ | <!-- -->ՀՀ համայնքներ.
p.s. I can support and help put communities on the map myself
Sincerely Tigran

I think the issue is simply that no one has yet mapped municipal/hamaynq level subdivisions in Armenia. By the way, Municipalities of Armenia - Wikipedia says there are over 500 such municipalities, not 71. Is that correct?

The regions I saw in Armenia like this one Relation: ‪Թալինի տարածաշրջան‬ (‪10866159‬) | OpenStreetMap are mapped as admin_level=5 which indicates informal level subdivisions of provinces without political powers, which seems correct to me when quickly looking at the Wikipedia page of Armenia.

So the issue would be that someone needs to map the borders of the 500 municipalities…

Information about 500 communities is outdated. In 2016-2021, the National Assembly of RA carried out a reform, as a result of which the number of communities was reduced to 71. I made a map myself, but it may be wrong in some places, because the border often passes through densely populated areas. Link: File:Municipalities-info.png - Wikimedia Commons

Also, the interesting thing is that the Ararat marz is correctly divided into communities, but in other marzes the outdated regions remain.

Ok, so it changed relatively recently, and nobody has yet updated it. Countries with writing systems other than latin often have problems attracting mappers from other parts of the world to finish things since it’s hard for us to interact with existing objects. So it needs somebody local to draw the lines in OSM and then combine them into administrative boundaries.

If you could get an official map from some source that would allow us the license to import it into OSM that would definitely make things a lot easier because then we would have official coordinates.

The problem is that such maps do not exist. I have started the work, I have drawn the communities of Aragatsotn, Gegharkunik, Syunik, Tavush and Shirak provinces.

Is this description of the Administrative division correct arlis.am/DocumentView.aspx?DocID=106974?

No, it’s outdated. You can see all communities here: ՀՀ ՏԿԵՆ | <!-- -->ՀՀ համայնքներ . This is a website of Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of Armenia. Also, an excel table is attached there, where it is indicated which settlement is in which community.