Haifa rail yard rails broken?

I still haven’t figured out how to easily see the history of a certain area, but it looks like this area has a broken string of rails in the Haifa rail yards. The ones that aren’t broken are different from the Bing satellite image, so I don’t want to just reconnect them, maybe something has changed on the ground. Can someone with more knowledge of this area fix it? Thanks!


The change, as can be seen on achavi - Augmented OSM Change Viewer, was done in changeset 78591887 titled “הצעה” (proposal).

This changeset made changes to the road 20 interchange here, which were restored in changeset 78737851.

Since the changeset 78591887 looks like an error that committed an non-existent proposal of a change to the interchange, and since changeset 78737851 performed a partial correction, I suggest both changesets will be reverted.

I’m willing to make these reverts if no one objects.