Gulf of Mexico pipeline import proposal

I am planning an import of oil & gas pipeline data for the Gulf of Mexico. The data includes both active & inactive pipes.
Data source is the Buerau of Ocean Energy Management, the data is public domain.
All relevant information is at the wiki page, feedback appreciated.

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I’ve only looked at the tagging in the GeoJSON, which seems reasonable to me overall.

Many of the operators are very specific and unlikely to have existing Wikidata items. Fortunately, this data seems to be cleaner than what I normally see in such datasets. For the operators that exist on Wikidata, like Anadarko Petroleum, you could add operator:wikidata, but this can happen manually and doesn’t need to be part of the import process.

Should these features also be tagged with location=underwater? To me, this wiki page is saying seamark:type=pipeline_submarine would be used in addition to location=underwater, not instead of it, but it’s worded rather ambiguously.


Maybe consider adding location=underwater and layer=-1 to the tags – would be nice from a data consumer perspective to be able to quickly exclude these from a map that might otherwise show above ground pipelines, or apply a different styling to them.


I added location=underwater/layer=-1 to all ways/to the documentation.

I’m not a fan of wikidata operator tags, and therefore won’t add them. Further, most operators don’t have wikidata entries anyway.
But if anyone wants to add those tags, I don’t have a problem with that.

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