Guide For Limited Area Overpass Server

Hello All;

I am happy to point everyone to my Guide for setting up an overpass server with
a database initialed from an extract for limited area - extracts are from

My Guide is at github here

Hope somebody will find this useful.

Best regards.


Hello again;

This Guide is still has unfinished work! That said; I am straggling with “areas” creation.

If anybody has any suggestion about my approach using a loop with IMAX count in my “” script I appreciate any input in this regard. I know area making has
seen a lot of changes in overpass.

The extract OSM data files vary wildly, so does the count of closed ways and relations in them. I need to consider small areas along with large areas extracts. I appreciate any input.

Thank you all again.

ZERO reply - as nothing - to this post.

I have updated my ‘’ script. It includes mergeChanges() function now; change files are merged first before the update. Of course only when we have multiple change files.

best regards.