Guide For Limited Area Overpass Server

Hello All;

I am happy to point everyone to my Guide for setting up an overpass server with
a database initialed from an extract for limited area - extracts are from

My Guide is at github here

Hope somebody will find this useful.

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Hello again;

This Guide is still has unfinished work! That said; I am straggling with “areas” creation.

If anybody has any suggestion about my approach using a loop with IMAX count in my “” script I appreciate any input in this regard. I know area making has
seen a lot of changes in overpass.

The extract OSM data files vary wildly, so does the count of closed ways and relations in them. I need to consider small areas along with large areas extracts. I appreciate any input.

Thank you all again.

ZERO reply - as nothing - to this post.

I have updated my ‘’ script. It includes mergeChanges() function now; change files are merged first before the update. Of course only when we have multiple change files.

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Hello All;

Tools and Workflow was committed as new draft addition to my Overpass Guide. This addition includes scripts and a C-program to parse and help visualize query results.

Please check it out. Guide is here.

Hope somebody will find this helpful.


Thanks for doing this. Overpass is extremely unwieldy and isn’t configured in standard ways like most Linux packages are. I’ve gone through extreme struggles to keep a personal overpass server running and it’s pretty frustrating as I’m sure you’ve discovered. You probably aren’t getting many replies because few people have had to suffer through trying to set up and administer an overpass instance.

This is my overpass writeup (for a planet instantiation):

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Hello Sir!

Thank you for taking the time to write. I appreciate your kind words.

Wael Hammoueh