GSSP golden spike

Hi there,

There is this GSSP ( Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Points) that i know that is not marked in OSM.
I cannot find any geological marking to classify this point.
I have found a " Proposal:Paleontological site" that fits the classification i’m looking for in the OSM wiki, however it has been denied.
Can anyone guide me to the best classification possible?

Thank you.

Please read the definition carefully. That’s for the entire site, not a point inside that you want.
geological= may not be the best. It’s for the geologic formations themselves. As an analogy, natural= isn’t used for bedrock benchmarks.
At most, an attribute should be used to show the natural= or geological= feature is a GSSP, eg designation= or protection_title= . For comparison, there exists geopark=yes , but I personally don’t like it much. The scalability of having a *=yes for everything is questionable. GSSP is even more niche than that. Unesco Global 'Geopark' tagging

For the spike itself, Seemingly valid objects mentioning it:

Key:marker - OpenStreetMap Wiki may be the safest choice, describing the structure without complication. The described uses aren’t exhaustive.
I strongly disagree with using utility= for something that’s not a “utility” at all. It’s abused to show what the marker= is for. There was a discussion on alternatives viz message= . Proposal talk:Markers subject refinement - OpenStreetMap Wiki
boundary=marker is not suitable . There’s no boundary= feature for the geologic “boundary” , and it may be inappropriate for OSM. Don’t interpret them literally.
In general, all geologic markers should be considered together for a solution. Are there markers for faults, plate boundaries, etc? geologic=plate_boundary could be showing anything unmarked, and it may be a linear feature that’s furthermore topologically distinct from markers.

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