Group collections of nodes and tags

I dont know if OSM is the right tool. I want everone in my 50 person quadcopter hobby flying group to know where the good places to fly are and see marks on a map with notes from group members. These arent city legal sanctioned places to fly, just where members actually fly. For instance, i might want to put my back yard on the map if i want the other 50 members to know I fly in my back yard. Or the school soccer field across the street on saturdays.

I don’t think I want to put these nodes and tags on a public worldwide database. I want members to open a public database, and load private hobby club tags and notes on top of it. I want to put the tags and notes on a shared site so hobby club members can edit and maintain them as a group.

Maybe we can add a new tag class to OSM with the URL to our Facebook group. Then anyone in the world who knows our group class name and has OSM can choose to show our tags, but it would be turned off for 99.9% of OSM users. If osm had that, there might be 100s or 1M groups though. People would start making groups rather that private lists of their nodes not on the server. Naming and searching for groups would get tough.

Let me know if OSM has support for something like that.

OSM may be the wrong tool, but may be this tool using OSM as background can help: