GroundTruth rules


Is there some already existing rule set for groundtruth that would display more or less everything ? or at least a good deal of the common features used.

Is the rule file syntax documented somewhere ? Does it absolutely have to be in “wiki source” format ?
Is there an easier way of specifying icons than ascii-arting them ?


Ok sorry, I found out that most of what I needed was described in the GroundTruth_Manual page.

I did not find how to make a rule rendering something for “noname” (or more generally, specify the absence of a tag as a selector). Is this possible ?

The presence of a tag would also do (I can negate it to have the absence). It would actually allow to draw all shops without having to create one rule for each possible kind. I tried shop=* but that does not seem to work.

Is anyone using GroundTruth in here ?

I don’t think so judging by the number of people responding… :wink: