Greyed out area over area boundaries

Hi, newbie to OSM here, so apologies if obvious/rookie error.

I’ve been adding detail to a local grassy/park area which involves a playground within a park surrounded by a narrow bit of rough grass, encompassed on three sides by a wood. The playground and wood were already included in OSM, but I added the park and grassland boundaries (and some paths etc). However, when I view the area on OSM, a large area of this gets ‘greyed out’ as if nothing has been added there. Upon zooming in, part of this greyed out area goes, so that you can see the park/grass/wood boundaries, but not all of it appears.
Does anyone know what I’ve done wrong?


I would say you simply haven’t waited long enough for the tiles to be re-rendered at all zoom levels, and/or your browser or service provider are caching old tiles.

Ah, looks like you may be right! I can now see almost all of it without it being greyed over. Guess I will have to go back and rearrange the borders that I changed in an attempt to fix it. Thanks a lot though!