Greeting from a new mapper

Actually registered OSM account long time ago but have been using Google Maps all the time…

Recently happened to take a look back into OSM and found that there are many outdated map data so I’m trying to update it as much as I could.

Feels like doing it lonely so hope someone could help to correct and teach me if I done anything wrong.

BTW, wanna say HI to everyone who donate their time and effort to OSM!! :smiley:

Hello! Welcome back to OSM!

Well, the Malaysian OSM volunteers is not as big as the friendly competitors, :stuck_out_tongue: so yeah. Feel free to post anything here in this forum (even in bahasa Melayu).

The OSM wiki is the instant reference for almost everything; there’s also some details in our country’s context.

Remember, have fun mapping: do it whenever you feel free to do so!

As now, OSM Malaysia didnt have someone local mapper.Yeah, now you may help to update the Melaka state or Tampin, Rembau…

A lot of things to do and it’s time consuming but I’m totally agree with you, have fun and enjoy mapping. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing the wiki page and I’ll keep it in my bookmarks.

Add new roads… adjustment… add roads name… POI and etc…

Some Taman areas are still empty and need to fill the blank. :stuck_out_tongue:

welkang gengg…

A lot of Melaka region was left empty because we used not to have any good imagery for that area until Digitalglobe comes in a few months ago. Keep in mind when realigning maps etc… get a few good gps tracks yourself if you distrust the one already included (I saw many with the characteristic of bad hdop values - bad receiver location in cars I presume).

Have fun mapping.

Yes, I noticed some empty areas covered by cloud with Bing’s map.
Very excited to see Digitalglobe released both standard and premium images.
Will go out and record GPS tracks for those unidentifiable places covered by cloud or due to outdated images.

However, don’t forget drive safe is top 1 priority when recording GPS tracks on road.

Nice to see you guys still active in OSM community here, cheers~ :smiley:

Ladies and gentlemen, meet our otai, hardcore mapper. :smiley:

Definitely! Unless you have a Significant Other whom happen to share someone’s passion of mapping during driving. :stuck_out_tongue: Hehe.

I’ve been busy drawing roads on the map… very time consuming :confused:

I wish OSM system able to identify all roads & buildings automatically so we only need to enter road names, address and etc…

It is, but there are ways to minimize it.

For hardcore road-only tracing, IMO nothing beats Potlatch 2 - auto image download, very useful node traversal feature (comp sci graph traversal algorithm anyone?:stuck_out_tongue: ). For example, you trace a long highway and at every junction that you meet, you stop and trace that side road until you meet the end. Click one key, and you are back to the beginning node where road junction meets the long highway, and you can continue tracing that highway once again. Rinse and repeat. But you need to save regularly though, sometimes something goes wonky that I have no clue why it happens.

JOSM comes next, excellent for all-around tracing which include buildings and stuff, a lot of presets, validation.

And then iD. I only use it for small jobs, usually when there is only mapbox imagery available for that specific area. I like it for its maximum zoom interpolation feature which makes the medium resolution imagery pretty recognizable. Other than that, not so much, too high a requirement for my computer to run.

That’s the same problem that I’m having when I first start signing up and contributing to OSM, about 4 years ago. Kedah map was depressingly quite empty. Especially because here in Malaysia, there’s fewer contributors (including tourists and expats). What’s worse, there’s only Bing aerial imagery is made available. Mapbox satellite comes in 2014 and now we have two more imagery layers recently. During my early OSM contributing days, GPS tracks is my friend (well, that’s the case since the inception of OSM in the UK circa 2004).

That’s history lectures aside.

If there are Strava users around your area, try the third-party tracing tool from Strava: Strava Slide. Of course, it would be interesting to read about it. Click one end, and click another end of a (previously unmapped) road, and click Slide. Hopefully that would make automated tracing easier. The downside is that Strava’s iD editor has not included (yet) the DigitalGlobe layers, which could slow down some verification and/or validation process.

Also, patiently waiting, a team from Facebook is training an AI to trace roads. Right now they’re trying to improve OSM coverage in Thailand before moving to our country.

I’ve heard JOSM is powerful and it takes time to learn but for now the online iD-editor fulfilled my needs so I’ll stick with it first and learn JOSM later. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing your experiences it really looks hard when back in time.

I feel appreciate when I open the map and thinking that every single node, way and area came from someone’s contribution previously.

Ok, I’ll get back to work on mapping. :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: Please, don’t be too hard on yourselves. Slow but steady, wins the race. I, too, appreciate every contributors here, especially those whom mapped for many, many years and counting. Quantity never matters, but it’s the quality over time. There are even expats and visitors on bicycles - and went mapping all across the country. In addition, there are some mainly doing adjustments, relying on their knowledge.

The forum is indeed intended to discuss about mapping, but not necessarily all the time. :laughing:

In my humble opinion, the iD editor gets better with time. I don’t use iD frequently, but in the news, people from Mapbox is making it more powerful. It’s totally alright to stick with familiar tools.

Yes but actually I use iD more as it didn’t need to install.Kadaz thanks for the ‘‘賭間口’’ Jalan Hang Kasturi Update but when you do road names in Melaka city better verify with locals to avoid OSM get wrong name.

I just bought a pen and notebook for mapping outdoor.
Feel good back to old school holding pen & paper when we are in the era of typing on keyboard and touching screen. :smiley:


Thanks for reminding me. :slight_smile:

Oh, wow. I happen to map using the bookmarks feature on OsmAnd while travelling. With pen and paper, you don’t have even to worry about the battery la, also almost certain zero risk of gadget theft. Pen and paper works best in almost every situation actually, rain or shine; indoors and outdoors. Even when you are adding data to OSM, you can rotate the notes easily :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

In case of emergency, I brought along a pen; so if I have the time, I can scribble on paper receipts. :laughing:

Be careful with street names… I’ve seen street names on google which I myself have been searching for years unsuccessfully. Many important roads in Terengganu doesn’t have any names (or visible signs), but seems google already found out. :roll_eyes: I assume it is the same everywhere else.

Same case here in Kedah. Residential streets in taman perumahan, and important roads in major city/town centres have visible name signs. Beyond these areas, good luck trying for one. That includes our major federal route (e.g. federal routes 1 and 7) in rural areas.

I agree also but my opinion isthe name:zh tag should be fill with simplified Chinese not Traditional Chinese just like Jonker Street

Yes mobiles help me a lots.Maybe you can use the MAPS.ME app because it only need to download little size of maps. But it’s cold is didn’t showing some areas in OSM eg highway rest area and place residential. C

Ah also hope you can clear all the FIX ME tag in Melaka City because this maybe brought bad impression to the other OSM consumer :|:|

Maybe google accessed / collected geologic map database from government?

I only enter those names I’m pretty sure it’s correct otherwise I’ll just leave it blank for unsure.

You’re right.
I can write on paper and save battery for GPS tracking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry but I insist on using traditional chinese coz the name original exists in traditional chinese so we can’t simply ignore it and change it to simplified chinese unless OSM splits chinese into simplified & traditional chinese then only we can do the translation. Otherwise, stick with the official name which is in traditional chinese for Jonker Walk.