Greater Manchester mapping

Is there anyone else mapping Greater Manchester at the moment?

Pretty sure the answer is “yes”, but people editing in Manchester who are also active on this OpenStreetMap forum. …not so many!

A better way to figure this out might be to look at the actual OSM editing activity using various tools. The new tools is really neat. Check out the Overview of OpenStreetMap Contributors map for Manchester. I’ve set the active layer to “activity centre in the past 6 months”. You might prefer the “Overall activity centre” layer, to show those users who have been most dedicated to editing Manchester further in the past.

I can tell you that Manchester and Leeds have historically been fairly weak spots for OSM progress, although they’re looking pretty good these days. This OS Locator analysis still shows areas outside Leeds & Manchester to be the worst in the UK (These days people have been cheating a bit on that score anyway, but these areas were always lagging) Manchester reportedly has a big Open Data movement these days, so I would certainly hope there’s quite a few people getting interested in OpenStreetMap there now. It would be great to see more Northern England meet-ups in various cities, perhaps following a similar schedule to the Scotland meet-ups

Sorry, only just spotted this thread! Yes, I am mapping in Manchester at the moment, although not had a huge amount of time recently.