Great idea: Free tolls!

First, sorry for my english. I’m use translator in the middle of possible.

I’ve an idea (but I’m not developer): A link of conjuntion free tolls in highways.

For example, if you enter the highway on the entry 3 and go out for 5, this set can be free in some circumstances (constructions, cloggings, etc). On Catalonia (Spain), some highways offer this mode, for example. This can eliminate the modality “toll” and transform the highway into free way.

How is it possible to do? I do not know it, but I suppose that creating a link (or UID), shared with his correspondents where the cost would be 0, it would be a good form.


You have a good idea, however OpenStreetMap doesn’t store toll rates, nor would it be acceptable. On OSM, you can only map places where tolls are collected. It would be unwise to store toll rate data on OSM as many tolls change every year or by minute. OSM editors may not be able to update the toll rate data as often as is necessary. That would be the job of a transit website or organization that runs the toll road. Also, electronic signs usually show the toll rate before you enter the toll road.
You could include your information as a note on the toll plaza that has the reduced toll rate.

Thanks LongHorn and I would like to apologize for arriving late (vacations).

Collecting highly variable data is very complicated, is true. But only specifying by, something, “free” toll and directly no cost, like removing toll plaza, without the rate. One form is possible: “free rate = id”.

And other thing is that you says: notes for reduced toll rate (no specifying rating) but for more visible mechanisms, like “reduced rate = id”, more or less.

Then, updated devices like Osmand can understand this and get the free or reduced highways.