Grab - the gift that just keeps on giving

Its been a while since I had a moan about Grab mappers, but to keep my hand in … Mae Rim PTT …

Coming from Mae Rim, my GPS tried to direct me through a fence, between two shops, then across a pavement, to get gas at the PTT !

Turns out “mudigonda_1” (who confesses to working on Grab projects) has seen something that vaguely resembles a way, & to earn his keep, he adds the road without any further checking. Not stopping there, he decided the pavement that shoppers use to stay safe behind the steel posts & parked cars, should also be a service road.

I’m really looking forward the day when a photo emerges of a Grab vehicle running someone over outside a 7-11 because some over zealous mapper in India wants to get paid for his work.

GRAB - I hope you are reading this, and at a Corporate level, you abolish this practice of having mappers thousands of miles away, trying to add local data. They are obviously struggling to justify their existence and are resorting to adding anything they find. This is not new news to you - remember we met three years ago to complain. This edit is barely a year old, so obviously your efforts are continuing.

I have corrected Mudigonda Karthik’s mistakes, but wonder how many more he has made ? I have even left him a changeset comment which suggests he finds another hobby.

There u go, rant over. Russ. :rage:

Good Job, Russ

Thank you for bringing this up and correcting the ways to reflect the ground truth. Double checking with all the available sources is part of our mapping policy and will be reinforced.
Thank you for your feedback!