Grab team mapping missing roads in few cities of Malaysia

Hello everyone,

I’m Jinal, Outreach and Community Manager at Grab. Our team is planning to go through the existing road geometries and add the missing ones, if found any, in few cities of Malaysia.

We’ll be reviewing and mapping the following features: missing roads, road classification, and check for intersection configurations and alignment accuracy. Find more details here:

Please do reach out to us here or on Github if you have suggestions or feedback. Thank you!

Happy mapping,
Jinal Foflia

Hello, many thanks for the heads-up.

I am a local mapper from Alor Setar, Kedah; and if possible, would like to review the edits in my city if there is a way.

Also please take note: Maxar Premium/Standard (roughly the same for the time being) is the best (and sharpest) imagery for my city. It’s quite recent, maybe from 2017. IIRC DigitalGlobe Premium and Standard layers will be offline anytime within this month. It’s very cloudy, and it’s from March 2016. Any other imagery (Bing/Esri) is from 2014.

I have uploaded plenty of GPS tracks too, please make use of them.

Hello AkuAnakTimur,

Thank you so much for the suggestions, will make sure that I convey the same to the team. Thank you for letting us know about the GPS traces, they’ll for sure be helpful. Do look out for the other cities we add to the list, any suggestions or feedback will be of great help to us.

Happy Mapping,
Jinal Foflia

I received several changeset comments from members of the Grab team. They have a standard wording:

Of course, data can become outdated - some of the changesets were 5 years old. Newer imagery can show more details, etc.

But in my impression, the mebers of the Grab team just fail to see the difference between “residential” and other minor road types. True, many “residential” classifications currently on the map are wrong.

Just look at the images in the general wiki on highway:
A “residential” is lined with houses, while on an “unclassified” there may be a house here or there, but long sections without houses are normal.

That becomes clear also from other wiki pages:

I request Grab member to learn that.
If they then happen to find a way which requires a different tagging because they have newer imagery or preferably ground truth, just change the classification, without any comment.

There’s something strange, in the neighbourhood…

Quite a severe issue has been discovered.

I wonder, why highway=road tag is not utilised, if it’s fuzzy by simply looking from the imagery?

Here’s my comments on the first issue.