GPX trace tags

Problem 1: this page states that tags for GPX traces are case sensitive.

Problem 2: partial tag names search is not supported, so that these would theoretically produce different results, multiplied by the case variations:
yellowstone, yellow stone, yellowstone np, yellowstone national park

Is there a place to request to revisit this feature?

Also, if there was automatic automatic suggestion for tags, that would cleanup all the variations:
either offer somethere based on partially typed name,
or first upload GPX, and then show a prompt: here are previously used tags in that general area.

GPS Trace tags aren’t used for anything much, so I suspect it’d be a challenge to get anyone to care enough to look at functionality in this area. You can already see “all the traces right here” regardless of tagging in the OSM editors as well, of course.

You are probably right, it would be more important to come up with an easier way for people to donate their GPX, just look at how much more helpful Strava traces are, since there are so many more of those traces.