GPS with Linux

Anybody any clues how to use a Linux PC to recieve data off Garmin devices?

At the moment, I’m using Windows XP with Garmin’s own Mapsource application to get data off my GPS60 (USB connection). Mapsource is the only Windows software I have to use now and I’d love to permanently switch to my Ubuntu machine.

Is Mapsource under Wine the only way to go? Does it work? Or are there better Linux alternatives that will work for common GPS devices?


I use GPS pucks/mice to create tracks, so sorry. But have you tried gpsbabel, just do:

apt-get install gpsbabel
gpsbabel -w -i garmin -f usb: -o gpx -F waypoint.gpx

if it’s not working you might download the dev version form the site.

The issue, for me, at the moment is connecting my device to the PC. There appear to be drivers for Garmin devices - but not via USB. Unless anyone knows different…?

Hi Dave,

There are USB to serial drivers for Windows. For example:

Its more about getting a Linux driver for Garmin USB. Have searched again and found this:

Will see how I get on with that.