GPS Traces only showing when zoomed in

My GPS traces only showed up when I zoomed in. When I zoomed out it disappears. I’ve uploaded 3 traces. 1 trace showed normally fine. The more 2 traces only doesn’t shows fully. I don’t know what to do. So I only feedback yours. Anyways sorry for my grammar I’m Malaysian and I’m really bad at English. Here’s the coordinate:
3.17549,101.54919 to 3.17901,101.54098
3.15564,101.54537 to 3.15398,101.55213

Do GPS traces always really like this? Or it just a problem in my computer/internet and anyone sees it normal? I’ve clear the cache. And the problem is still same. I hope someone reads my feedback. That’s all.

You must give a wait time for the traces to be rendered at the different zoom levels.

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You don’t say so, but you are likely viewing the traces in the web editor iD that uses a ‘map’ created from the traces as an overlay. This may take sometime to generate and you may be seeing caching effects in your browser (see the many questions here about the map not updating), you could try to empty your browser cache to fix this.

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And why it takes time to render the traces at different zoom levels? Are wiki server slow?

I’ve cleared my cache. And the problem is still same. It happens to my new GPS traces. The old GPS trace that I mentioned already works fine.