GPS trace upload delay


I was wondering if there was an issue with the upload of GPS traces on the website, using the “GPS traces” > “Upload a trace” button. I have been uploading my traces for a few years (so I can update the map) and it usually took just a couple of minutes.

Since a few days ago (I first noticed when I uploaded on Wednesday October 11th), it takes a very long time: ~30 min. I am currently uploading a trace and it has been more than 40 min already.

Looking at the “All Traces” tab, there is a very large number of pending uploads (almost all of them) of the types:
Routes from sunnypilot (TOYOTA RAV4 HYBRID 2022).
Routes from dragonpilot (HONDA CR-V 2017).

It was already the case when I first noticed the issue. But not sure if it is related.

Am I the only one with this upload issue?


sunnypilot, see here in github and dragonpilot, here are both forks of openpilot. It is unclear whether the users of both of those pieces of software know that they are uploading to OSM.

Personally, I’m not convinced that the data from these sources is in any way valuable - it’s just repeated trips up and down the same (by now very well mapped) major roads.

If the consensus among OSM mappers is that this data is not valuable, then the DWG could at the very least bring these software developers into a discussion with the rest of the OSM community, although we haven’t yet had a request to explicitly do this**, as far as I’m aware.

I’d suggest that these forums were the best place for OSM mappers to discuss whether they find these uploads valuable.

– Andy (from the DWG, but opinions here are my personal ones only)

** we have had one query about how to do something slightly different.

Edit: See this bug for sunnypilot.

I personally think the traces would only be useful if you could somehow pull up a list of traces for a street, otherwise they aren’t useful at all. there are hundreds every hour so even finding your own uploaded using SP or DP would be very difficult, nigh impossible. I think most of the traces being uploaded aren’t even known by those driving, and from what I’ve seen in all the openpilot communities, most people have 0 interest in working on any osm mapping.

Hi guys,

I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful message and the concerns you’ve raised about the value of data uploads from dragonpilot in relation to OSM. As the author of dragonpilot, I welcome the opportunity to provide further insights and engage in a constructive discussion.

dragonpilot was developed with the intention of enabling users to contribute route data to OSM, with a focus on enhancing precision through the use of high-precision GPS, cameras, and IMU calibration. While recognizing that major roads are already well-mapped, I believe that the data we provide can contribute to further optimizing OSM routes, including the provision of additional details such as lane and elevation information. (

I fully understand the importance of considering whether these uploads align with the broader goals of the OSM community. If it is determined that the data does not align with the desired precision standards, I am more than willing to discontinue this service. Your input and the collective decision of the OSM mappers in these forums are crucial in guiding the way forward.

Thank you for bringing up this discussion, and I look forward to hearing more perspectives from the OSM community.

Best regards,
Rick Lan
Dragonpilot Author