GPS is shutting down at a particular location

I have an outdoor GARMIN GPS MAP64st.
I tested the device in the last weeks several times. It concers point: N 50°48.117’ E 003°17.557’
Conclusion: if only the ‘RECREATION MAP OF EUROPE V4 ‘ (not comfortable ; nort detailled) is on, there is no problem.
If the card ‘OSM GENERIC ROUTABLE’ is on, the device always is shutting down by passing the point mentionned twice.

The OSM cards are on a SD card that I already formatted, hoping the problem could be solved.

Just do an update of the maps as soon as possible. There are some strange issues with Garmin devices, depending on the maps available in the device they just crash at a specific location.

Please try other OSM maps, like the generic new routable, freizeitkarte, openfietsmap etc
and let us know.