Google publishes buildings footprints v3

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It looks like fresh news I didn’t find mention here at least: Google had published a v3 of its buildings footprint, covering 58 M km2, mostly over the southern hemisphere.

It is licensed under CC BY 4.0 or ODbL 1.0 (users can pick it).

The FAQ explicitly cite it is possible to use it for OSM.
I’m not able to get if it’s more interesting than already published Microsoft’s buildings or not, you’ll see.

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I suppose I need to point to Required tagging for imports suggestion - #6 by SimonPoole

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If we find a solution for @SimonPoole issues we probably should think about providing something like the plbuildings server for this - I did this for the Northrhine-Westfalia Data in Germany which is than usable in josm with the plbuildings plugin for individual import by point and klick.

Anyone working on these issues?

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The issues have nothing at all to do with me.

“With the issues SimonPoole raised/mentioned” :stuck_out_tongue:

Could a background for JOSM solve the problem? In that case it can be used manually to follow it. But it could make sense, depending on where - to import the green buildings. But then the import guidelines need to be followed, of course.

Quick question (far more generic than this thread, but now I’m curious): is ODbL compatible with ODbL?

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Yes, as by definition you are distributing whatever you received on ODbL terms on ODbL terms (there is potentially a bit of friction wrt attribution that gets dropped under the table). But that is orthogonal to the question of contributor terms compatibility and that from a practical and marketing pov it would be much more preferable for the OSMF to be the licensor of all data included in the OSM planet.

Readers that have been in one of my talks on OSM were I’ve touched on the subject might remember slides that compare OSM to a meat grinder and me pointing out that when you go any buy a sausage from a butcher you don’t want them to start pointing out who is responsible for all the individual little bits in it.

My apologies to vegetarian and vegan OSMers.