Google maps uses my changes. How can i stop this?

Hello, fellows!

I see all chages i done here is reflected on Google maps after some short time, even without “OSM community” string.
How do i stop them using my changes this unfair way?


I would guess that you can’t, because OSM data is basically free for anyone to use for anything they please. However if Google are using the data without the correct attribution, then they can be pursued for that, and the Licence Working Group would probably like to hear about it!

If you can demonstrate that Google or their data contributors are copying data from OSM, please talk to LWG! OSM can be used by anyone for any purpose, but not without attribution, and not mixed inseparably into a proprietary dataset.

Note that it’s probably not illegal for a competitor to use OSM to discover changes, e.g. some new construction. But they do have to do their own tracing or surveying as a result of that discovery. So good evidence of illegal copying involves matching details that cannot be explained by two people simply mapping the same real-world situation independently.

Thank you, it’s that i need to hear. The more will follows. Meanwhile, i will continue to share my data here, it’s reaaly useful for a lot of good services.

(Found something interesting but after more research it looks as if some of our data was taken from an other site, including typo, have to check this out first.)