Goodle street view

Hi, this question was discussed already, but I cant find that conversation.
Is it legal to use google street view to map osm (use for count lanes, map surface, smoothenes etc)?

The answer is: definitively NOT!!

Have you read the Terms of Use from google streetview or their maps?

And according to this the licence models used by OSM?

Yes. I read google’s TOS and I know our license model. And which part of stretview tos against osm license?
As I know there was some mails about using google’s imagery, and answer was not (because of bulk downloading).
Doe’s someone ask about streetview? It’s not clearly what you can’t look at photos of streets, and add data to osm. Like it’s not clearly for photos hosted on flickr, panaramino and others to.

The actual meaning of “derivative product” term is not clear for many people.
Someone could think, that looking at photos or panoramas to retrieve properties of objects should not be considered “making the derivative product”, while, say, tracing the satellite images should. While there is no practical difference - in both cases some copyrighted image is a source of information about objects. In case of tracing it’s spatial information (coordinates, shape, size), in case of looking at panoramas - it’s visual or construction properties (number of levels, color, material).

The usual answer: It’s not entirely clear that it’s legal, and we haven’t been given explicit permission, so we don’t use it. The general stance of OSM towards copyright and related rights is very cautious, preferring to err on the side of not using a potential source.

I just want to push our local ru thread conversation to common forum, to collect more opinions.

Long period of bureaucracy and “silent war” of regular people against it in Russia (starting somewhere in 17th century) gradually formed quite strange attitude towards laws, regulations and legal acts. The most part of Russians are very nihilistic to any laws and in the same time, they have very infantile vision of legal system, supported by infantile situation in this system itself, expressed in inconsistency and divergence of Russian laws and rules.

So, that’s not strange, that many people from OSM-Russia community are thinking, that only direct and literal prohibition could actually disallow something.
Even such a prohibition could be “disqualified” by somebody, if he will think, that such a prohibition is “unfair” or “naturally illegal”. Any arguments against it will be, likely, called “expression of paranoia”.