Golf Maps

I was out on the course yesterday and traced out a golf course pretty well. I was going to map it in detail as opposed to just putting a big green golf course leisure:golf_course over the whole area. I guess I would first want to see what other have done before I start. Does anyone know of a good example of a golf course mapped in detail? I looked at some famous courses, among others around the world, and didn’t see any detailed examples.

I guess I would want to edit the map in a way so that it could be used in the same way as all the other commercial GPS range finders for golf that are already on the market.

People use GPS rangefinders??! :open_mouth:

Wow, I never would have known.

I can’t answer your question, btw, you might need to come up with some new tags


There’s an article by Richard Weait here on golf course mapping and rendering:
It has a link to a golf course mapped in detail.
This proposal should have most of the tags you need:

great, thanks vclaw, exactly what I was looking for.

via those links I was able to find a few examples. I think the best one I’ve seen so far is this:

Natural=beach?! I think you call that mapping for the renderer!