Golan border

Recently, some internal borders near the Golan Heights were deleted. Does anyone know how to recover them?


we should inform the OSM Data workgroup and ask them to recover.
Undo such changes can end in a even bigger mess.

Why? Because of possible political reasons for this changeset?

Because I think all reverts can end in a mess if relations are involved.
Last time we had a lot of trouble because of our reverts.
Should the OSM Data group help here and tell the user to stop the editing or deleting.

They do have more options than we do.

Well, I fixed it manually…

Hi all. I noticed that the 1949 armistice line and DMZ lines on the west side of the Golan are broken up into multiple ways and do not follow the correct traces. Would this group be interested in helping with a local import from LSIB?

Matthew, what is LSIB?

Ah, sorry! LSIB = large scale international boundary dataset, located here: https://hiu.state.gov/data/data.aspx

Developed by US Department of State’s Office of the Geographer, used by the UN, Google Earth/Maps and others. Believed to be the most accurate publicly available boundary dataset. I helped tweak LSIB’s representation of the 1949 armistice and DMZ lines along the Golan in cooperation with Israeli MFA when I was working to reconstruct the June 4, 1967 line back in 2010-2011.

Has been used before to fix OSM boundaries, e.g. here: https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-do/2012-September/000003.html

Would alter current trace of 1949 armistice and DMZ lines in OSM to this, i.e. what it looks like in Google Earth:


And which is described in more detail here: https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Peace/67line.html

I think some editors (including me) may have been confused by the distinction between pre-1967 armistice/DMZ boundaries and current administrative boundaries (there is currently a Golan Regional Council, but I don’t know how closely its boundaries follow the pre-1967 boundaries). As long as the administrative boundaries stay correct (or are fixed if not currently correct), any improvements to the armistice/DMZ boundaries are welcome.

Thanks eric22. Wouldn’t be changing the lower-level admin boundaries for the regional council, just correcting the trace of the level 2 boundaries to match the 1949 armistice lines, matching the convention used in OSM for the West Bank and Jerusalem boundaries. Will keep you posted on progress.