Go Map! Editor: Multi select?

In Go Map!! editor for iOS, is it possible to select multiple ways at once to join them or to edit their tags at the same time?

afaik multiple selections are not possible, but joining 2 ways is, you have to select the connection node, then “join”

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Yes, but this is not possible if more than two ways meet at the same node.

Hm, I haven’t loaded Go Map! on my iOS device (yet), but I probably should before I attempt an answer. On macOS, it’s the Shift key which allows “multi select.” In some contexts where the selections are “non-adjacent,” you might need Command-click (sometimes called the Apple key or “cloverleaf” although I recall Suzi Kare called it the “looped square” once back in the day…middle/late '80s).

However, on iOS, you might have luck with what’s called a “two finger pan gesture:” drag two fingers on/over/through the two items you want to select. I know, hard to say vs. maybe even still hard to do, but fiddle around with a couple variations on that and you might have some luck, especially if/as the two separate objects (adjacent ways, in this case) are “connected” (by a node).

Good luck, it seems there must be a method to do this. I’ve done similar “fiddling around” (on macOS) while using iD editor and been surprised at what “pops up” and I can accomplish because I’ve tried variations on clicking / gesturing.

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It doesn’t work, two-finger gestures seem to be reserved for rotating the map view.

I found joining end nodes of ways to existing ways possible for as many ways as I tried (up to five :slight_smile: )

You should, as it is - in my opinion - the most complete OSM editor on iOS.
(And is also available for macOS, btw, but I find JOSM much more comfortable to use there…)

Maybe we are talking about two different things. I think I should give an example:

I can‘t join these two ways into one way with Go Map!!

Neither can I select both to edit their tags at the same time.

Michael, you might need to contact Bryce (the author of GoMap!) and ask him. (Or whatever is the “technical support” method for the product).

Even as a former Apple employee, I get frustrated at what Apple makes it seem is their attitude of “no documentation is needed for our products…” (as they are THAT easy to use!) Nonsense: any good (especially complex technical) product needs good, comprehensive “how to” docs. iOS is no exception.

I’m sorry we can’t seem to help you here.


Definitely talking about two different things here.
As far as I know (and @dieterdreist hinted), a merge of two ways and a multi-selection is not possible in Go Map!!, you’ll have to do this in another editor.

I can‘t join these two ways into one way with Go Map!!

I am not completely sure, but maybe you have to have the same attributes on both ways or none? Maybe try to remove all attributes from the way with fewer attributes? I must admit I hardly ever have combined ways in goMap!! and am also not sure if there are problems when route relations are involved.

As you note you can only join two ways if only two ways are involved, so the situation you have with a 4-way intersections isn’t supported.

Nevertheless there’s a relatively simple workaround:

  • Select the first way, then the common node, select Disconnect and drag that node away from the intersection.
  • Select the second way, then the common node, and then + to extend it with a new node.
  • Drag those two nodes together, and then select Join, which gives you the wanted result but with an extra node.
  • Finally delete that new extra node.

In your particular situation the two ways have conflicting tags that will also cause problems. If you delete all the tags on one of them then it won’t complain.


Well, ALL RIGHT! THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!

“Nice, Bryce.” And welcome to posting here!