GNSS Hobbyist Forums?

I keep wanting to make improvements to my GPS recording device. While conventional equipment is usually good for recording the centerline of a new road, the accuracy is often poor when walking the features of a new park or new building and courtyard without imagery.

So, u-blox has come out with their F9P which seems to enable a jump in precision at a reasonable cost. My vision of a usable product is a “Module”, linked to a smartphone for corrections and data, but I don’t see any packaged solutions for this.

Is there a GNSS / GPS enthusiast forum or list somewhere that people are discussing this type of solution?

I’m here:
But I’ve just bought the board and working on single-board-computer configuration and power source.

on this page (sorry, is in Italian), few years ago I wrote about my experience with the U-Blox M8T module. Hope this help

I recently found this site through google. They have a lot of modular solutions (including with F9P) at adequate prices. Perhaps you will find something interesting (They’re in the Eurozone if that matters to you)