GNS imported nodes

In Faroe Islands user MichaelCollinson has imported nodes from GNS and the quality of them is very bad, they are tagged wrong and are extremely unprecise, so as it is now these nodes are just noise
so the question is what to do with them

should i just let them be
should i delete them all
should i move them all out to sea so they don’t interfere with other nodes
should i mark them all with a fixme tag(they would still be noise)
what other options do i have ?

The nodes corresponding to big things like peaks, villages and lakes are already or in the progress of being corrected but the majority of these nodes are names of some rock up in the mountains or some locality that the possibility of ever getting corrected is very small

when i correct one of this gns nodes and i am certain on the position and type of node i delete all the gns tags so that it no longer is in the pool of bad data, is it wrong ?

I don’t have anything against deleting them. but I would suggest that we mark them with a fixme tag for the time being, we might get some new contributors with “geographic-naming knowledge” staðarnøvn

You absolutely shouldn’t move them out to sea, that just compounds the problem.
I would leave them be. They’ll be corrected eventually.

Sorry for the delay. I have been aware of mr. Collins data for a while.
There is absolutely nor reason to have a big pile of useless data floating around degrading the quality of the quality of osm. As a user of maritime maps for a long time, I have to say that good maps are not desk work done by copy and paste but lots of hard labor in the field collecting data.
I will strongly suggest that all mr. Collins nods are deleted, because they do not contribute to any good at all.
In my opinion will there be no corrections (valid nodes) unless it is done by people who are eager to contribute with collected nodes out on the field, simply because there are no free usable data on and around Faroe Islands available.