Gnome-web-photo-fixed: how-to?

With new version of Josm I can use Ywms anymore. So I try to use wms with gnome-web-photo but white streap appears in.
They say in ewmsplugins to use gnome-web-photo-fixed to solve that kind of issue, and thus, they give the library to compile.
But, the matter is I absolutly dont know how to compile with gcc against a single library.
I compile many and many time but never with out a makefile or something wich could build it.

So two solution:
Giving a link to a prcompiled version (I didn’t success to find one on the web)
Giving the right way to compile this library without a makefile.

Please answer, I use Yahoo to complete my tracking work and it’s really awful without Yahoo sat image help.

I think you’re talking about the bug being discussed here.

Maybe, told you until I compile the library. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t look for this webkit but it compile and work. Download images done.

so for those aren’t know those commande line, here are they, to compile in the current dir you dowlaod the library:

moc webkit-image.cpp > webkit-image.h
g++ webkit-image.cpp -o webkit-image -lQtCore -lQtWebKit -lQtGui -s -O2 -I /usr/lib/qt4/include

note that the include dir for debian is /usr/include/qt4, so you need to change this.

thanks a lot Lambertu, I can continue the job on Reunion Island now, I really don’t know how i should without your help.