Hi all!

I’m using the maps from, and I read in another forum that Fenix 2 can display some tags of the maps, but I can’t do it with this maps, is it because of the map, or am I missing something in the configuration?

I just need to navigate in the mountain, and not confuse a river with a gravel road :slight_smile:

I’m starting to think that I make a mistake buying this watch, I just want to not to get lost on mountain, and also not to take a very big GPS, but maybe this clock is not enough :frowning:



By “tags”, do you mean labels?

On my maps for fenix there should be labels for cities, peaks and saddles. I’m afraid to add more types of POI, since it would be difficult to recognize them on a small screen. Fenix doesn’t display labels for lines like rivers or roads. Some area types can have visible labels, but I don’t use them, again because I’m afraid to clatter map view.

While fenix is a nice gadget, I would prefer outdoor GPS for hiking. For fenix you can prepare custom waypoints, when planning a trip. Using waypoints for navigation should be more comfortable.


Yes, I mean labels, do you know then, if there is any way to know when a line is a river, or when it is a gravel road?

I’ll usually follow tracks, but this last weekend, and this wasn’t the first time, I lost the track because the trail was erased from ground, and also it was a lot of fog, and I started walking across field, finally I found a river, and I had to go back. I would like to follow a track or to find a trail using the Fenix and your maps, but I’m afraid to go walking to a line in the screen, and to become a river.

Sorry for my english, I hope you can understand me, and help me :slight_smile:



There there is a different shade of gray for a road and for a river. Paths and tracks are drawn with stroked lines. I agree that differences aren’t easy to spot, but there is not much I can do about it.

You did awesome!!

It’s just I’m new in this, and don’t know how to read the maps. I looked in your website, but didn’t find something like a FAQ.

So, thank you very much for your replies!