gmapsupp.img for azerbaijan

Hello all,

It is my first topic in OSM. :slight_smile:

Will appreciate if someone can provide the gmapsupp.img map for Garmin for Azerbaijan?

Unfortunately cloudmate is closed.


Go to
check Enable manual tile selection
select in the map the correct tiles
enter your mail adress and click “build my map”. You will get then a mail which explains the further procedure

Choose a predefined country > Europe > Azerbaijan
Request your map or download it directly

Thank you, thank you. I succeeded downloading the map. :slight_smile:

On hard question why some polygons are missing compared to this site?

Can you give an example which polygon you are missing?

Hi ligfietser,

Here an randomly chosen example in Baku:


As you can see forest polygons are missing in the mapsource version.


Those polygons are not forests, but landuse=orchards,
They are not in the style sheet, so I’ll add them, thanks for reporting!

You are welcome! :slight_smile:

Btw is openstreetmap offering a layer of contour lines? Lets say from Aster gdem or SRTM? Ready compiled in an img?

Maybe here:
On contours will be available later.