Getting the road map of a whole county


Is it possible in some way to obtain the whole road network of a US county?


  • Nicholas.

maybe you have to download the OSM data for your area, ant then filter out all elements that you don’t need.

Can you tell us the size of the desired area in square miles or kilometers? or better a permalink to the area?

Hi Stephan,

I would like to download the New York county. I don’t know exactly the
desired area size in sq. Km.


Try this one:

go to → Mappers → Downloads → North America → United States → choose your area to download the data you need.

But two three remain then: cut the right area out of it, filter out all unnenede data, and finally display the desired data withon renderer you have to choose then.

Have a look at and

Or tell us the purpose you need the data exactly for.

Maybe this can help too:

Hi Stephan,

I am mainly interested for the OSM XML file and not the rendered image. Sorry i should have clarified that from the beginning.


you can download data by using the XAPI. Please have a look at the following link

I did not try to download ways by the xapi, I am using the xapi to download single nodes (like atm, post box) to create POIs for my TomTom or my Garmin.

Unfortunately the availability of the xapi servers is very bad.