Getting started with Osmand: headstart

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how to get started with Osmand: headstart - i am currently planning a tour with the bike and think Osmand is the tool of choice … Can i use it on a Garmin device?`

can i plan the tour a t home and run the map on the Garmin!?

AFAIK it’s either OsmAnd on a cellphone or Garmin.
OsmAnd is OSM-based, Garmin can load OSM maps.
Both can load a gpx track and navigate along the track.

For at home trip planning then export as gpx many applications are available. I think for cycling there is a choice of platforms which allow at home planning then use their mobile app to “play” the route. For names, other people are much more experienced for cycling.

Because Nederland has Node Networks for cycling and hiking, covering the whole country, I often use Knooppuntnet Planner, then export the itinerary as a gpx, then load that into OsmAnd, then use voice navigation (in ear) to follow the track (with snap-to-roads option ON).

if you’ve got a garmin bike device, i.e. a Garmin Edge, you don’t need Osmand :slight_smile: for routing, you simply use your Garmin device.

For (online) route planning I prefer to use It’s simple, works great in a web browser, even on a smartphone and can export GPX files that you can open with Garmin Connect - and using on your Garmin device.

More information about the features you will find in Wanderlust - poi (supermarkt) neben gpx Track anzeigen - Webseite, App, Programm? - #3 by Vinzenz_Mai

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For planning, I prefer (by @Richard), which can not only export as GPX, but directly to Garmin, too. This saves you one step to get the route to your Garmin device. also has an App you can directly use.


You can plan a tour on the smartphone with Osmand, store it as in a GPX file and transfer this file to the Garmin device. The way to transfer depends on the type of Garmin device. For older and low cost devices, transfer is done via USB OTG cable, for newer devices GPX files can be transferred over the air using the Garmin Connect app.

It is possible and people use it while on the road but if it is for planning at home there are online or PC based tools which offer more comfort and functionality.

If you decide to use Osmand for planning bike tours, I recommend to install BRouter and use it as routing engine in Osmand.

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Took a peek at on pc and cellphone. Looks good! I like the option to follow routes, and the fact that routes made on pc are available in the app. Haven’t found settings for voice navigation, though.