Getting Started with OSM and an Android phone

Hello Everyone,

I’ve just signed up for OSM and would like to start adding/editing features. Can anyone recommend a workflow for using an Android phone to record points, then inputting those points into OSM? For example, I’d like to add a new roundabout near my home.


Do you want to edit on your Android phone, or just record track points and edit OSM at home based on the information you’ve collected?

In terms of editing capabilities directly on an Android device, your best choice is Vespucci (Google Play link). Another popular app is StreetComplete. It’s easier to use, but only allows editing some attributes of existing objects, so something like your roundabout example wouldn’t be possible with it.

before signed up for OSM go for tawakkalna if its working fine then there is a problem with OSM app. uninstall it and install it again and signed up for this.