Getting geo-locations every 100m

Hi all,

I am new to OpenStreetMap, but I think it looks really cool!

Here is what I’d like to do. I think it should be possible (in fact, the point of OSM!) If someone could confirm that this is, in deed possible, and point me in the direction, I’ll invest some time in reading the documentation and figuring it out myself.

I have a route returned by a Google Map Direction (via their directions web-service). So I’ve got exact start and end locations for my steps along the leg. However, each step could be quite long (for example, follow I-5 from Seattle to Portland, or US Highway 190 from lat/long 1 to lat/long 2). What I need are the exact geo-locations of points along that step at discrete intervals, say every 100m.

Thus a 120 km step on my journey would return 1200 sets of geo-coords, one for each 100m along the step. And then do this for each step on the leg. And for each leg on the route.

Addition question: Can I query the OSM databases remotely to do this (http request? or some other remote method?)

And / or can I download the OSM database data and do these as local queries (embedded SQLite database, or local MySQL database?)

Thanks for your help! I’m looking forward to this project. I think OSM is going to be great.