Getting big numbers in LatLon.. help !

I am pretty sure this has something to do with projection coordinates rather than the GPS coordinates…
I would really appreciate it if someone could help me convert these coordinates back to normal GPS.
btw, for Israel, is that projection ok or should I have used EPSG:2039 ? as in here :

Here’s the site showing the problem. Just click around and you’ll get the read I am getting…
Thanks !

Hi man, It happened to me 2 weeks ago. Try this. I made it in
Public Shared Function WGS1984toLonLat(ByVal x As Double, ByVal y As Double) As Double()
Dim ret(1) As Double
ret(0) = (x / 20037508.34) * 180
ret(0) = 180 / Math.PI * (2 * Math.Atan(Math.Exp(ret(0) * Math.PI / 180)) - Math.PI / 2)
ret(1) = (y / 20037508.34) * 180
Return ret
End Function