Get all common tags for list of ids?

I’m wondering if there is a way or a tool to get, for example all common tags or data points for a list of id’s, I would like to enter a few national parks, nature regions from all over the world and see if they have tags in common.

If you have a list of objects selected in JOSM it shows this info. So, your work would be to create an overpass query that downloads the objects. Since you are not interested in the geometry the amount of data should be small enough when you don’t download any nodes.

As suggested, JOSM would work, and would allow you to explicitly select the items you want to compare.

Another option is taginfo - will show which other keys tend to occur with a “national_park” key which is often, though not always, set for national parks (boundary=national_park or boundary=protected_area; protect_class=5 and possibly others).

I did not know taginfo could do that thank you, I haven’t setup JOSM yet, I’ll give it a shot