German toponyms of Croatian cities

Hello together.
I write in English cause unfortanetly I am not able to speak Croatian:

I noticed that a user has entered or retagged numerous old German names (old_name:de=*) of Croatian cities as name:de (e.g. Changeset: 146588467 | OpenStreetMap Changeset: 147155795 | OpenStreetMap Changeset: 146577408 | OpenStreetMap). These names are definitely no longer common and official in German (see also the Wikipedia page for the corresponding cities). The German OSM data looks like a map from 100 years ago and I think I can speak for all German speakers that we don’t want that either. I would like to revert this edits and would like to ask you if you are okay with this.

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Maybe that’s why the tag contains “old”. Whether that’s useful depends on how OSM is used: When navigating today, it may not be useful, but if you read some historical document, and you want to find out where that was, it might make sense.

They are tagged as name:de not old_name:de=*

I agree, if those names were old_name:de=* before, then I am for reverting. I don’t know why that user did that.


But the second changeset seems ok to me: Changeset: 147155795 | OpenStreetMap

There are no strange names in that one.

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I have now tried to systematically check the user’s edits.
You are right, the regions should be correct. The German names tagged as name:de for the cities and rivers are outdated.

The user also edited the tags name:pl and name:hu, I don’t know if these names are correct, but according to wikipedia they seem to be outdated as well.

Sorry, I mis-interpreted it.

Is there some list? Or can you link specific chargeset (note that osmcha has login wall)

I can look at these once I am on computer

Actually the English Wikipedia page says that the German name of Rijeka is “Sankt Veit am Flaum” (whereas the German page is quite clear this is a historical name only). So it might be a good idea to update that too.

Fixed English Wikipedia, added “old”.


You can log in with your OSM account. There is no extra account needed.

This changeset also adds name:pl tags to cities. Changeset: 147155650 | OpenStreetMap
I think the regions are okay: Changeset: 147155795 | OpenStreetMap

Also some names in Czech were added here: Changeset: 146631412 | OpenStreetMap

Also alt_names:de and old_names:de tags for towns in Slovenia were changed to name:de, they are also outdated, but the matter is not entirely clear here, e.g. “Marburg an der Drau” is sometimes still used for Maribor: Changeset: 146613084 | OpenStreetMap

seems not really correct - but I am not expert on this topic. For now I asked about sources in Changeset: 147155650 | OpenStreetMap and would recommend revert if no answer will appear soon (or even now, if other names are also dubious)


Thank you very much for your answers.

I reverted the edits with these changesets:

I have also reviewed them and the German names seem to be OK now. However, I may have missed some towns cause he/she renamed quite a few :smile:.

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Are there any surviving name:pl added by them?

And thanks for cleanup!

No all name:pl should be removed now, only some name:hu are still there cause I didn’t searched for them.