German/Sorbian names

what is your opinion about writing all names in Sorbian gebiet (east Saxony, south Brandenburg) in a system like e.g. Bautzen/Budyšin ? There is no other map where can I find Sorbian names immediatelly in the map for example for printing purposes. So once the Sorbian language is coofficial in this area it would be very cool to have it direcly in the map also in Sorbian. It will be the only map which has such a feature and I think many people will appreciate it.



you can use name:dsb for Lower Sorbian and name:hsb for the Upper Sorbian language. The keys dsb and hsb are from the ISO-Code-List:

You can find a lot of sorbian names in OSM.

Overpass Turbo with “name:dsb”:


Wie tag the official name in name=*. Our concern ist first data validity and only second the looks on maps.

For many places, the name is available in many languages. When someone creates a map, he has to decide which language(s) to use. In most cases, only one language will be used for map rendering, like on the map at
But different solutions are possible, see e.g.
That said, it is up to you to create your own map with a prefernce of Sorbian language. I am afraid to tell you that that’s not an easy job.


Sadly the server had an hardware error and due to a short brain outage I also got the second RAID disk corrupted, so I need to reimport data. That will probably take another week. So have a look next week to see some tiles again.

Also referenced in JOSM background maps.

Update: Works now, but the tiles need rerendering, so zooming to unknown areas may take some time.

+1 for stoecker, thanks for this map :slight_smile: ! … this layer is also available in GraphHopper Maps (hopefully that is correctly attributed :))

Thank you for the map. The map has Upper-Sorbian Names (name:hsb=). A nice Feature where a Option with Lower-Sorbian names (name:dsb=)


Actually that was a bug. It should be hsb or dsb (with hsb overruling dsb). Could it be that it changed from lsb to dsb somewhen, as my code had name:lsb. Is now fixed, but rerendering needs a hand-trigger per tile, as currently database tries to get up-to-date, so no automated updates :slight_smile: Age ATM are 15 days, improving slowly.

No, it has been dsb during the last 10 years. Maybe a mistake.