german moderator and subforums

i want to ask if it is possible to have a german moderator. There is a current thread that i would suggest to be deleted because the discussion has nothing to do with openstreetmap and is useless.
Also some subforums for the german section would be nice, there is a lot of traffic going on and subforums would help for more clarity.


Considering that half the post on this forum are in German, you might say there should be less subforums for the rest of us… :slight_smile:

I´m thinking on subforums from the german subforum :slight_smile:
Maybe something like “tagging”, “news”…
If it is possible we will discuss the list in the german subforum and then speak with the admin again.

Well if there is someone willing to do long-term moderation and plans to do it seriously and responsibly then I’m all for it. Consider this in the start of the solicitation procedure :wink:

I’m currently investigation a successor for PunBB. This new forum software should support subforums and utf-8 out of the box and preferably it should also be easily adaptable to allow the existing external login check. I have not decided on any yet.

Thanks for closing the thread.
I´m not sure how important a german moderator is. If your response time is such fast :wink: i think we can live without one. And it is the first time we had such problems.
A problem could also be to find a serious moderator who don´t cause more problems than he solves.

Do i´m understanding right that with the current forum software more sub-subforums aren´t possible?
Anyway, I think we will notice when the new forum software is online. Then i will come up with subforums again.

I will try to act as fast as possible, but I can’t be online all the time. So a separate moderator for the largest forum user group isn’t a bad idea. I added a sticky post in the German subforum.

Yes, the depth of the subforums (e.g. Community → users: Germany) is the max that PunBB supports.

I’m looking at FluxBB (PunBB’s successor) which should provide an easy upgrade path and XMB (native UTF-8 and subforums) currently.

Ok, thanks for your effort.

You could always remove german from the community subforum, and creae a new subforum…

I guess I could. But I think that if each country has it’s own forum category (highest form of subforum in PunBB, like ‘OSM Community’ or OSM Specials’) and each category has N number of subforums, then the index page would become huge and unreadable. What do you think?

I would not support removing the language fora from the main page. I read fora in all languages I can read (not Swedish;-). That gives me a lot of useful information

I’m not intending to do that at all.

So you are able to read (and understand) Hungarian, Polish, Greek, Russian and Finnish? Wow! :sunglasses:

Well… I was thinking more of an exception for the german forum, since it is so big maybe they need subforums. But IMHO subforums aren’t really worth it, I would rather have everything in one forum per language…