Geotagging images from JOSM

I’ve been playing with the synchronisation of images and gpx tracks in JOSM. After a few false starts (I found the dialog box a little too cryptic: would have liked it to show gpx time, camera time & difference) I managed to get decent registration of images and tracks.

Now what I want to do is to write the lat/long back on the image EXIF before posting to Flickr. I cant seem to find a simple way of doing this from JOSM. I’d either like to geotag selected photos directly (e.g., by selecting the photo and choosing a right mouse button action) or write out a file with image file names, locations and geotag values. Before I raise a ticket I’d like to check that I’ve not missed something in JOSM functionality.

Forgive me if I’ve failed to understand how JOSM works!


As far as I know JOSM doesn’t write to your image files, only reads the time taken information out of the EXIF information (I had to write a program to copy the time taken file time to the EXIF information for my Nokia 6300 phone camera photos before I could import them in JOSM).

Something I’ve downloaded, but not got around to trying yet, is a perl script gpsPhoto which is supposed to do what you (and I) would like:

I was about to add the code to the program I had already written to write the time taken into the EXIF information for the Nokia phone photos, but then got a new phone so thought trawling the web for something that does it already might be quicker. Which is when I downloaded the above, though as I mentioned haven’t got around to trying yet.

gpsPhoto also gets a mention in the OSM wiki here:
which also includes some flickr specific comments.


edit: I just got around to trying it. I had to download again as somehow I only seemed to have the first 1955 lines. After downloading it this test seemed to work:

perl --dir C:\Users\Ed\Documents\OSM\2009\200902\14 --gpsdir C:\Users\Ed\Documents\OSM\2009\200902\14 --timeoffset 0

Although I don’t know whether this is Flickr suitable tagging, or even how to view the EXIF information through Windows easily.

Another edit:
I found the above worked even better if I added --overwrite-geotagged on the end of the commandline as for some reason some photos seemed to be tagged at 0,0, or so gpsPhoto, and (when I opened a Flickr account and worked out how to set the option to use existing GPS information when uploading photos) Flickr thought. For anyone curious, the photos aren’t interesting and are only 5 of about 90 I took on last week’s mapping trip, but they did prove I could get gpsphoto to work and upload images to Flickr.
I also found a free program online to view EXIF information…

That’s very encouraging Ed. Thanks for all this, I’ll see if I can get it to work with my set up. Like the “Fir Way” shot :-).

I use an exif viewer from this site because it does some nice stuff with the camera zoom ratio and will write out an Excel file of a directory. However, I have no idea if it supports the geotag info.


My perl environment was all messed up (rather as I suspected) so I followed up a couple of other links from the wiki. Geosetter seems to do the job quite nicely, particularly the right mouse “Load to Flickr”. Here’s my first trial (I’ll sort out the last 50 seconds or so of synchronisation later):

Now I’ll start reinstalling perl!

‘Fir Way’ could be one of a set - I find photographing the street signs as I pass them much quicker (and legible when they come out, though I have a few streets I need to revisit where sun reflections made the sign unreadable) than writing (especially my writing).

While the phone that took those photos isn’t much good in some respects (the contract was a bargain, the phone was free and I hope to replace it with something better), I do like the way that when you press the button on the camera it freezes the image when you press it and saves that before the click noise. My old phone you pressed the button and it saved the image as it was a little bit later. So with this new phone I can point, click, and carry on walking while it saves the image. We only had an hour available to us last weekend when I was mapping part of Jaywick, as we had to get back to provide lifts to teenagers, so that I took about 90 photos helped capture many road names and POIs, as well as the start and end of some straight streets I passed each end of but didn’t walk down. Since I was first able to import my images to JOSM it has been a great help.

I do quite like the Flickr Map feature (though of course it would be much better with OSM as background), so may actually use the account now. I’ll have to work out if I can map selected photo sets though as I’m sure very few people will be interested in the many images I take to help me map.


At the moment I’m just putting all my OSM Stuff in one set. It would certainly make sense to have a single OSM Collection and multiple sets (although everything at the moment is Nottingham related). I quite like the idea of just having some kind of on-line dumping ground for all these photos partly (or even mainly) because they’re really good evidence of the raw data used to generate the map. It might hack off some of my Flickr contacts though if I upload several thousand shots of street names!

If you use the FlickrUploadr tool you can create new sets on the fly without having to faff with the Flickr interface. I’m going to splurge the rest of my Lenton stream on to Flickr now.

Thanks for all the help!


Key setting is import EXIF data on the account settings: see this discussion

I’ve used gpscorrelate for tagging my images with location information.