geotagged plugin josm fails

Hello there,
i’m not sure whether anybody but me experienced the same problem with josm’s geotagged plugin (which i found very useful until recently, indeed - now it stopped to work).
Josm refuses to load the plugin on startup, telling me, that there was an exception (NullPointerException). Has anyone found a solution or (this is what I could fancy) is there a conflict between Josm’S new version and the plugin (ver. 1.1. I thought it was) and there is nothing I can do about?
Thx for your help in advance.
greetings from Germany.

Well, since the change to the 0.5 API a lot of things changed in JOSM as well. Lots of plugins needed fixes to become usable again, this might be true for the geotagged plugin too. I haven’t used the geotagged plugin so I don’t know if that one is still compatible with latest JOSM or not. You could put a new ticket on the JOSM trac website stating your problem.

I will do as you advise.
Thanks a lot.

I read the following on the mailinglists:

Look like your problem is soon fixed…

Hello again, thanks for your help;
As the plugin is not even loaded on startup (my version) it is not even “capable” to crash loading images despite incorrect exif date/time; nevertheless I’ll try to update the plugin in some time; Actually, I was not able to send a ticket yesterday; the system seems to be too tricky for me - I won’t give up anyhow and I’ll try it once again the next days.