Geotagged photos in OSM

Please help answer questions, because I can not reach the same order with the subject.

In addition to satellite imagery (or aerial) and traces - Ground geotagged photos it seems to me that three very important source of data in OSM. Can be wrong?

I have a lot of geotagged photos (the camera has that feature). Part of a landscape and tourist-cognitive, which sometimes I am sending the Pisasawebalbum, Panoramio and locr.

However, I am doing more and more pictures for use in the OSM, which are rather unsuitable for these servers or the Wikimedia Commons.

I know how they can be used in JOSM, I use and it is great.

But I would like to see them available for other mapping people, and said he would like to use the gallery geotagged by other users. project does not develop, even as it is designed for aerial photography.

The second project ** ** theoretically this is intended, but I think also not growing. I threw up some pictures, which lasts a week Processing.

And I know that there can shed some of their pictures because I have a example here:

The subject is described here:
but I have not found such a solution (or server) that is would work and was to be used in OSM immediately.

Maybe someone you know:

  1. Is there a server or a way to throw massive geotagged photos from the immediate possibility of using the mapping (in JOSM best, but if Poltatch Unable to open file as well)?

  2. Is there a server or a way to see photos from Panoramio, and Flickr locr OSM map, but once the possibility of click Edit in OSM? Analogously OSM maps showing errors where you can go straight to the editing error.
    Photos from the Wikimedia Commons can be seen on the OSM.
    The solution should be something similar to this map:
    but with a possible switch to edit site where it was taken a photo.

and a technical question:

  1. As in JOSM can open the file. Kml or link to this file,52.214571970986,21.090799569233,52.280049524594
    Or another way: how to use photos from

Maybe my second question, if there is such a method would be the subject of a task / IT solutions for some of the members of respectable professionals?