Geolocations with kendzi3d

I am new to OSM and I am working on a project in which I am to create a 3d city model. I chose OSM as an open source. I wanted to know if I export the file from kendzi3d plugin, then are the geo locations attached to the 3d models? and if not then is there any way to attach geo locations to the 3d city model?

thank you!

Hi, you could try reaching out to the developer of the plugin directly – he may not necessarily have noticed this forum thread.

One alternative would be using OSM2World, which can export 3d city models to .obj files. It does include longitude and latitude in the exported files, but only as a comment (because there’s no standard field for geolocation in .obj files).

Yes, initial coordinates are there in the .obj file but specific coordinates are not there in the file as given with the separate section in .osm file. Is there any other way that can be done in OpenStreetMap? or externally?