Geolocation change

I firstly denied geolocation, but now i wish to authorize it, how can i do it? Anyone can help?

I’m guessing that you’re talking about allowing or not allowing a website within a web browser or an app on a phone or PC? If you can give a bit more details (what sort of device? What app or web browser? What website?) people will be able to help.

Yes sorry i just for the first time opened on my samsung smartphone openstreetmap website, i clicked on the arrow to the right and it asked me to authorize geolocation, i denied, now i would like to allow geolocation but if i click on the arrow i get an error message stating that user denied geolocation, and i cannot find a way to change this choice. Thank you.

On most browsers, there will be a lock icon, or a set of several icons, to the left of the URL where you can manage website permissions.

I denied geolocation too on my Samsung. A radical way to get it back: Go to Settings, Apps, Samsung Internet, Storage, Clear Data. BUT it will take away ALL settings you have done: Bookmarks, Home screen icons, Ad Blockers, Start page and probably more. Good luck. Better late than never…