Geofabrik daily extracts not available after 240218

It appears that after 240218 (18 February), the daily Geofabrik .osm.pbf downloads are no longer available. Since then, only the .osc.gz updates are published.

The website is now displaying funny lies, e.g. for the Netherlands .osm.pbf:

This file was last modified 2 days ago and contains all OSM data up to 2024-02-20T21:21:12Z.

(The last modified date of the latest .osm.pbf is correct, however the OSM data up to 2024-02-20T21:21:12Z is only present in the .osc.gz files and not in the .osm.pbf. Including OSM data from less than 24 hours ago in the .osm.pbf from 2 days ago has obvious time travel issues.)

Working on it! In the future, a more direct approach is to email about such an issue.