GeoDatabase import?

My state Department of Geology provides a wealth of GIS data in GeoDatabase format (.GDB). Some of the things available are tribal and National Forest boundries, airports, etc… Is there a way to import .GDB files into OpenStreetMap or utilies to convert the data first to another format?


Before you do import it, are you certain that you can import it and re-license it under the OpenStreetMap license?

Imports of large datasets are co-ordinated with the community. You can read about previous imports and the usual procedures on the wiki.

Yes, I even phoned the GIS office to determine that the data is Public Domain.

I have located a better source of BIA Administered lands in Shape file format from This coveres the entire US rather than just my state. The state data is sourced from here anyways.

As I posted in my Diary this morning the need for this becomes a legal issue for users. Entry onto Tribal Land is highly restricted, at least in this area. The only defense I know of to prevent arrest is to be able to demonstrate map error. It has worked for one person. Getting lost will even get you arrested. So all mountain bikers, hikers, hunters, ATV riders up here carry a GPS. However the absense of Tribal Lands from OSM makes use of the OSM maps impossible. I would like to get the data into OSM yet have had no luck in getting the Shape files converted to OSM files.

Suggest you ask on the talk-us mailing list.

It certainly sounds like the data will be of much interest to a significant audience, so please do persevere.