Generating large Images from OSM

i need some large Images ( 4000x3000+ would be nice ) for a video project.
I already tried GOSM but it has problems generating images that large.
Viking has the same problems (tiles are missing etc.)
Does anyone know a way to get large high resolution images from osm?

I want to make a video sequence, where a given gpx track is shown and the cam flies over the osm map ( along the track).

Any ideas?

You could try Kosmos (assuming you are running Windows). It can generate pretty big images, though it depends on how much memory you have, and how large an area you are working with etc. And it can show GPX tracks as an overlay.

There are many alternatives but prepare to import OSM data into PostGIS with osm2pgsql first. After that Mapnik can do it through, or perhaps through nik2img. Or you can use Mapnik as a WMS server, but I would guess it is a bit tricky. MapServer can do it fine, one example is at or then you can use GeoServer, a live example,60.151649,24.955234,60.170196&SRS=EPSG:4326&WIDTH=730&HEIGHT=575&LAYERS=osm_auto%3Aall_Europe_GK3&STYLES=&FORMAT=image/jpeg&DPI=96&TRANSPARENT=TRUE

I have myself created 6000x6000 pixel images with and Mapnik, with bigger image I got some memory errors. I have done lots of 5000x5000 pixel images with Mapserver but never tried any bigger with OSM data. Mapserver default is max 2400x2400 pixels but the limit can be set higher in the mapfile. I am not sure about Geoserver but I guess it would do the job fine as well.

You can also try to use by Thomas Fisher. It downloads OSM tiles for a given area (from the tileserver), and draws GPX logs/tracks over it. It assembles the 256x256 tiles to one bigger png. With a bit of perl hacking you can easily get it to do what you want.