Generate multiple img maps with mkgmap for a device

It seems I’m not able to generate multiple maps that displays as different maps in my Garmin Montana device (I guess this device should support multple maps).

For example, I generated two maps from the same area/tiles (just different styles/options) using two different --family-id
(but same --product-id), name them map1.img and map2.img and copy in the GARMIN/ folder of the internal memory (not using a SD since internal memory is big enough). I thought that by using a different family-id those maps should appear as different maps but it seems only one is displayed (the first). Any hint? Shall I use different --mapname also? (note: if I copy only one of the two in the device it is displayed correctly).


You should use diferent --mapname for each tile that you load to device.

Thanks for the hint - I’m giving a try.


I used the “–mapid=…0001” option in splitter to set a different name (other than 63240001), then mkgmap as usual (without specifying --mapname) and now I can have multiple OSM maps. Great, thanks popej!

On the other side, by using just mkgmap with “–mapname=88880000” on the tiles I had created in the past days with splitter - hence named 63240xxx.osm.pbf - I come across a thrilling 5 minutes: after copying the map in my Garmin Montana the device was freezing at boot when displaying “Loading Maps…”. I had to remove the battery and start in USB mass storage recovery mode to delete the map to resume the device. So there might be some conflicts when using --mapname in mkgmap on default splitter tiles. Maybe I should have not ended in 0000 (conflict with overview map?)

“Loading maps” also takes ages on my Oregon 600 after I install a new map. Just be patient and wait a little longer.
The device looks frozen but after a while (can be more than 5 minutes) it finally boots up.