Gatwick Airport - South Terminal

Hi UK OSM Community!
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I have a question regarding Gatwick Airport, the South Terminal.
I have noticed that there are some disconnected ways along Westway, more specifically leading to the payment gantries. As these ways are one way, and stop at a dead-end, they are not considered for Routing.
My question is, was this done by design? Can I go ahead and correct Westway so that routing can take place there?
Thanks in advance!
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Kevin (From Bolt)

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Looks like an omission not connecting the way from the payment points to the other side of what I presume to be a building=roof plus layer=1 rather than building=yes.

I agree, there is some mapillary that we can use to validate the building update too.

Great, add maxheight=2.7 m to the underpass sections also (don’t know if for UK you need to add the metric suffix or if it’s general that metric is assumed when not specified).


I think “metric” is generally assumed in OSM in general unless otherwise stated.

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well noticed, as it wasn’t fixed yet i’ve fixed and done some small updates in Changeset: 151003659 | OpenStreetMap :+1:

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ID actually agrees with me ;o)